• SPA hotel ,,RICH” – Velingrad, Bulgaria

    SPA hotel ,,RICH” – Velingrad, Bulgaria
    It’s been a long time since I chose to drink table and spring water principally. This is the reason why the first time I heard that there is a new product on the market my attention was immediately attracted. I looked for detailed information about the characteristic of zeolite mineral because the label has awakened my curiosity. I am absolutely confident that I drink exceptionally quality and in addition to that tasty water and I recommend it to everyone! Water “Sevtopolis” corresponds with my high expectations and it is unaltered part of my daily life.
    Mr. Zlatko Zlatanov
    Owner of hotel “Rich” – Velingrad, Bulgaria
    Vice Chairman of Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association

  • “Globe System” LTD – Sofia, Bulgaria

    “Globe System” LTD issues the present references to “Serviz Komplekt” LTD and thus certifies its exclusive satisfaction and high assessment for the work and the professionalism of “Serviz Komplekt” LTD in the area of producing and bottling spring and table water.
    “Serviz komplekt” LTD has proven that quality is a leading principle in their work. Their personnel is really professional, additionally they own really modern facilities and equipment, and what is really important to us – their strict execution of the undertaken engagement has made this company one of our reliable and wanted partner.
    We continue relying on their proven and high quality products – table water “Sevtopolis” and spring water “Sevtopolis” which we always have in time and with top grade.
    We consider “Serviz komplekt” LTD a proper and trustworthy partner and we hope to keep our work from now on too.
    Manager “Globe system” LTD – Sofia, Bulgaria

  • “Medika” LTD – Pleven, Bulgaria

    I came across table water “Sevtopolis” while I was looking at the marketing net. I connected with the producers thanks to the mobile phone that is shown on the label and I expressed my interest for distribution and future cooperation.
    My company focuses a lot on punctuality and loyalty and that is what develops the communication between us. It is vital for our business that the water is at the agreed place at the exact time. The connection with the producer is realized absolutely every day and it is also constant because this is a dynamic area especially during summer season when the demands are doubled. We really rely on this relationship because one of the most important condition except quality is to have perfect service.
    I recommend “Serviz komplekt” LTD as a first-class partner.
    Maria Vankova
    “Medika” LTD – Pleven, Bulgaria

  • „Tobi” LTD – Haskovo, Bulgaria

    I am George Dimitrov from Haskovo, Bulgaria. My family has started distribution of soft drinks, mineral and table water. Our store is at Haskovo, “Dunav” str., mobile phone : 038 661343.
    It was after I heard an advertisement on the radio I understood that the first zeolite water in Bulgaria is produced. I am acquainted with the exceptional qualities of zeolite and I decided to connect with the local distributor of water “Sevtopolis”. The distributor told me where I can find the fabric and it was great pleasure to me to visit it so I can assure in person of the process of production. I was truly impressed by the European image of the fabric itself and of the workers. The production process is at high level – not only technologically but hygienically too. I am really pleased with the whole process and I recommend it thanks to my perfect personal certainty that it is irreproachable.
    I cooperate with the producer successfully. Also my whole family drinks water “Sevtopolis”. This is the water I have chosen for my kids.
    George Dimitrov
    “Tobi” LTD, Haskovo, Bulgaria