Our company ,,ServizCompelkt” LTD is a proud owner of a factory producing drinking water.
Our commercial production started at April 2012. We built new halls, bought contemporary machines and launched modern technologies.
Every production responds to the world standard and requirements. We are certified with
ISO 9001 : 2008
Thanks to our personal transport we are perfectly able to reach to our clients and fulfill all of the demands. Our company is also eco friendly – we use packages that protect our environment.
We have two lines of goods which have both excellent qualitative indices – table and spring water.
For both of our goods is used unique technology – they are purified and enriched with the natural mineral – zeolite. This purifying process is exclusive for Bulgaria.


Zeolite’s unique qualities became famous in the last years. It is indeed exceptionally healing mineral that is fortunatelly extracted from the Bulgarian land. Bulgaria is one of the least countries that has natural zeolite.
Healthy and environmental-friendly life is in the range of our interests. This is the reason why the idea of including natural zeolite in the production of our water became the ultimate natural way and the best possible decision to obtain our goals and aspirations. We see zeolite as must-try product by the consumer. Additionally by the time that we took that decision we already had really fine qualitative indices for our spring water that we obtain from the depth at the foot of the Balkan mountain.

Our spring is at a depth of 84 m and we obtain exceptionally pure water as regards to salts and admixtures that is low mineralized and that is also fit for drinking in its natural form. Our spring is located in the center of the Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings – Kazanlak city. We are the inheritors of the ancient city Sevtopolis.
The water from our spring was analysed and examined in a special certified laboratory that is cooperating exclusively with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). Our qualitative indices gave us confidence that we are perfectly able to offer our customers water with truly superior drinking qualities.

The challenge is accepted – we found a way to combine the power of healing minerals with the molecules of water and to turn the product into something really outstanding.
We succeeded!
This is our know-how. Now you know it too!
Water Sevtopolis is the only water in Bulgaria enriched with the zeolite mineral. It is fit for everyday use by children and babies inclusive.
We are extremely proud because our innovation caused an immediate interest of leading Bulgarian scientist and is now famous internationally.
At this moment our water is analysed in the laboratory of the Russian Accademy of Sciences (RAS) and we are expecting the results.

What is dew of roses?

DEW OF ROSES is a soft drink obtained from demineralized table water, achieved by reverse osmosis, zeolite filter and UV, treated with ozone-enriched air and 3.3% BIO ROSE WATER.

Why should we drink dew of roses?

1. Hydrating, revitalizing and moisturizing the inside of the skin.

2. Anti-aging effect and source of antioxidants.

3. Against depression and stress, and to improve the tone.

4. Eliminates problems and regulates digestion.

5. To feel fresh and energetic.

6. Because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

7. And it has a pleasant flavor and aroma


After being treated this way our water gets enriched with the zeolite mineral. This way it becomes healing and wholesome. The water is fit for drinking for babies and children. In contrast to the mineral waters that are not recommended for use by children under 7 years our water knows no restrictions. This refers to the spring and to the table water Sevtopolis.
The spring and the table water Sevtopolis are distinguish one from another only by one extra process – reverse osmosis for full purifying of salts. That is the reason why they are not very unlike and have similar taste qualities. The reverse osmosis is the most certain method for purification of the spring water – each harmful material are removed up to 99 %. This way water Sevtopolis is turned into zeolite water, beneficial and harmless for everyday use. According to the last international tests it is the table water precisely that is recommended for everyday use for adults and children as well.

The water Sevtopolis is obtained by extremely pure sounding at the foot of the Balkan. Our spring is at a depth of 84 m. The spring is located in the center of The Valley of Roses and Thracian Kings and that is why it is named after the old Thracian city Sevtopolis, which is today Kazanlak city.
The water passes through several phases of preparation and treatment that includes most contemporary technologies. After being filtered by active coal it is processed with UV rays, which removes completely all the bacteria and microorganisms. The extra ozone that is used in the process reduces the quantity of ferrum and oxidants and thanks to this the sterility of the bottles is much more bigger.